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    2/5/12 Samuel Eli Stein is born at 5:08 AM at Mount Sinai Medical Center.
    9/11 - Neuroradiologist Maimonides Medical Center.
    8/10 - 8/11 Neuroradiology and Associate residency program director at Harlem Hospital.
    7/09 - 6/10 Neuroradiology fellow at Mount Sinai.
    3/19/08 Joshua Louis Stein is born at 2:33 PM at Mount Sinai Medical Center.
    10/2/06 Daniel Louis Stein is born at 10:06 PM at NYU Medical Center.
    7/05 - 6/09 Radiology at Einstein-Montefiore. Physics Boards 9/06, Written Boards 9/07, Oral Boards 5/09.
    6/04 - 6/05 Internship at NYU Medical Center. USMLE-III 3/05.
    5/13/04 Graduated from NYU School of Medicine.
    1/03 - 5/04 Clinical years for my M.D. at NYU School of Medicine. USMLE-II 3/04.
    7/98 - 12/02 Studied for my Ph.D. in the lab of Stevan Hubbard at the Skirball Institute.
    6/28/98 Married Jennifer Sherinsky.
    9/97 - 5/98 Second year of medical school. USMLE-I 6/98.
    Summer 1997 Rotated in the lab of Ruben Abagyan in the Skirball Institute at NYU Medical Center. Analyzed the use of homology modelling as a method for determining a starting models for molecular replacement. Used phase difference between the calculated model and the reference structure to evaluate success. The project was unpublished but the preliminary data looked good.
    9/96 - 5/97 First year as a medical student at NYU School of Medicine. Anatomy, physiology and basic science coursework. Extracurricularly; Bellevue Babies and Child Health and Injury Prevention (CHIP).
    Summer 1996 Rotated in the lab of Stevan Hubbard and attempted to crystallize the tris-phosphorylated form of the Insulin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase. Succeeded in growing crystals but they did not diffract to high resolution. Quantified the kinetic activity of different states of phosphorylation.
    6/95 - 6/96 Worked for Axel Brunger at Yale University as a computer programmer and researcher. Improved existing protocols for macromolecule structure determination from NMR data by applying a new technique called Torsion Angle Dynamics.
    9/92 - 5/95 Harvard University.
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    Radiology Picture of the Day - Feline Esophagus
    AuntMinnie - Data mining software has clinical payoff at Montefiore
    MedPage Today - Program Cuts Excess Radiation Exposure
    MedScape Today - Algorithm May Reduce CT Radiation Exposure in Patients With Suspected Pulmonary Embolism
    AHRQ Innovation Profile - Algorithm Guides Test Ordering for Patients With Suspected Pulmonary Embolism, Improving Patient Safety by Reducing Unnecessary Radiation Exposure

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    Coordinates Grb10 SH2 domain (PDB entry 1NRV)