From the Big Onion Tour of Central Park.

  1. Columbus Circle (59th and 8th).
    This entrance is called Merchant's Gate.
    Enter at the left most gate of the stone entrance (it's to the left of the souvenier vendor) and take the left most path.
    Stay left at the first fork and right at the 2nd fork. Directly in front of you is...
  2. Greyshot Arch.
    It's 30 feet wide, 10 feet high, and 80 feet long.
    Go under the arch and make a left at the first fork and walk along to reach...
  3. Pine Bank Arch.
    This is an iron bridge with a wooden floor.
    After the bridge, make a right and then your first left to walk along side...
  4. Umpire Rock.
    The boulders protruding from the gound are made of Schist -- the material of Manhattan's bedrock.
    They are smooth on the north side (where they were worn by the glaciers) and rough and uneven on the south (a surface called roche moutenee - laying sheep).
    Follow the path between the rock and the ball fields.
    Make a left at the four-way intersection and a right at the first fork to go to the...
  5. Carousel.
    This carousel was built in 1908 at Coney Island and was brought to this location in 1951 to replace the original carousel that had stood here since 1871 but had burned down.
    Take the path east of the carousel that heads uphill and north (towards the Central Drive).
    Continue north and you will reach...
  6. Sheep Meadow.
    This is a good place to stop for a game of frisbee or a picnic.
    Continue along the drive for another few hundred feet to reach the entrance to the...
  7. Central Park Mall and Literary Walk.
    Turn left to walk the length of the mall.
    At the entrance you will see statues of Columbus and Shakespeare.
    A little further on will be Walter Scott and Robert Burns.
    Further on you will find Fitzgreen Halleck on the right.
    Continuing along the wall you will see SummerStage to your right, above the Mall.
    Further on, on the level of the mall, you will see the Band Shell.
    Dozens of famous acts have performed in this band shell over the years.
    Continue north and down the stairs. You are walking underneath Bethesda Terrace.
    Feel free to go back up and enjoy the view of the lake.
    At the bottom of the stairs is...
  8. Bethesda Fountain.
    The statue is the "Angel of Waters."
    Take the path that is left (west) of the fountain.
    Walk up a few steps and follow the path along the lake to...
  9. Bow Bridge
    This is another of the many iron bridges in the park.
    From the top of the bridge, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Dakota (the building with the flag flying from it's center peak), New York's most famous apartment building and the two twin-towered apartment buildings flanking it, the Majestic and the San Remo.
    Cross the bridge and enter...
  10. The Ramble.
    Go straight, passing an intersection on your right.
    Continue to the first fork and make a right to go up the hill.
    Make a left at the next intersection and go up a few steps to see the...
  11. Rustic Shelter
    This small wooden structure will by on your left.
    It mimics an English version of a Romantic landscape.
    Pass the Rustic Shelter and follow the path beyond it to the left.
    Stay left to reach the Gill (a small pool of water on your right).
    Bear right at the fork as you pass the Gill (if you find yourself going down steps, back up, you missed the turn) and continue to a cement bridge with iron railings that passes over the Lost Waterfall.
    Cross the bridge and go up the steps past the Lookout.
    Make the first left and then make a right at the SECOND intersection.
    Follow the path as you pass 3 intersections.
    The path will slope uphill as you pass a meadow on your left.
    Walk up the steps, staying to your right, and continue to...
  12. Belvedere Castle.
    From the Castle is a beautiful view of Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn.
    Return to the path behind the castle and follow the path down, between Turtle Pond and the 79th Street transverse.
    Make a left at the first intersection to go to the statue of...
  13. Jagiello on Horseback.
    Take the path to Jag's right and continue to a four-way intersection.
    Cross the intersection and go up the hill.
    There will be stairs on the right to go up to see...
  14. The Obelisk, Cleopatra's Needle.
    Return to the intersection and make a left to go under...
  15. Graywacke Arch.
    Graywacke is the stone from which this arch is made.
    Make a right after the arch and continue to the park exit.