Thirteen Conversations about One Thing

Sony Pictures Classics
Starring Matthew McConaughey, John Turturro, Clea DuVall, Amy Irving and Alan Arkin.
Produced by Beni Atoori and Gina Resnick.
Written by Karen Sprecher and Jill Sprecher.
Directed by Jill Sprecher.

Beginning with a chance meeting of Alan Arkin and Matthew McConaughey where they discuss the meaning of happiness, the story moves forward for McConaughey and follows the destruction of his structured life when he hits Clea Duvall with his car but drives off. The story also goes back several years in time for Alan Arkin and follows his life up to the meeting in the bar. Simultaneously, we also follow John Turturro, a Columbia physics professor, as his marriage to Amy Irving falls apart. The "one thing" discussed throughout the film? A great question. Check out the film and discuss it with your friends.

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